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How infinity "high edges" have changed the way we design pools!

Updated: May 20, 2019

Traditionally "infinity edge pools" have been used as a design feature on the edge of swimmings pools that have a view or drop off. This allowed the concrete swimming pools to blend in with a pond, landscape or water views. However in more contemporary times these beautiful swimming pool features have evolved.

Today infinity edges have evolved with custom concrete swimming pool designs to introduce an infinity "high edge" either part or all way around your pool. This new design technique focuses on increasing the outer edge of the pool above ground level, without the need for a drop off or view. This allows the pool or spa to "stand proud" of the ground, to introduce a "wet edge" and allow the walls to become a "jewellery pieces" or "feature" rather than be hidden below ground level.

Once you have introduced the "infinity high edge" then the options for your swimming pool to become be a "feature" or "shining jewellery piece" include adding mosaic style tiles with pearl, jewels 4 pools finish or big block tiling.

Other than the beautification reasons the other advantages include providing the full infinity edge feel, with wet edge while utilising drains rather than the more expensive cousin of the full balance tanks.

An additional advantages of using this contemporary technique, the infinity high edge, include adding design elements to your swimming pool spa. Adding a wet edge swimming pool spa with tiled or jeweled edges allow it to stand out as a main feature, or jewellery style feature, of your pool & entertainment area. Talk to our Luxury Pools team today!

infinity high edge pool
Infinity High Edge pool using drain

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