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Swimming pool & outdoor living building and everything in between!

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luxury swimming pool


Licensed Pool Building / Insured / Award winning / 24-years experience 

Luxury Built Swimming Pools

Insured and licensed, award winning, builders with over 24-years luxury concrete swimming pool & outdoor living space building experience and success.

It is important we understand that a pool area is more than a simple concrete shell. Regardless of our services you opt to add into your swimming pool build, we want to make sure your pool actually interacts with your house & entertainment areas, whether existing, new build or for the future. 

Luxury pools will build your swimming pool with all the finishings you need to comply & take your first "dip". As we are the "licensed builder" you are not required to get a home build license, find a tiler or even tiles. We will install and help you select the type of finishings you need, pool fencing and even work to "certify your pool" ready to go. 

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outdoor ENTERTaiNMENT AREAS building 

Licensed Outdoor Building / Insured / Award winning / 24-years experience 

Outdoor living build cabanas

While we have a passion for the "entire" swimming pool & outdoor living experience, that is the pool, entertainment and landscaping, we recognise, as a minimum our clients need to "plan" the pool to interact with them, now or in the future. 


At Luxury Pools, as a licensed & insured "building" company, we are able to "build" your entertainment around your swimming pool. From simple decking, to small add on shelters, outdoor bathroom & shower rooms and right up to complex swimming pool & outdoor "cabanas". From BBQ areas to sunken pool lounge or sunken dining areas we have you covered.  


You may simply want a swimming pool, but be sure to plan & design for more, so whether that be now, or in the future, the interaction you have with you "entertainment space" can be seamless. 

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SWimming pool & outdoor


Design Direction & Planning / Insured / Award winning / 24-years experience 

Luxury Pools have a award winning design team that can help your or our ideas be visualised for either your own approval and or council & or certification requirements. 

Things to consider can be a matter of personal choice or a "must" if needing a DA application to council. 

Designing can be as simply as a basic line draw from current plans you might have or right up to architects drawings with 3D modelling. 

Our staff can talk to you to assess your needs or personal choices and decide which design options are right for you. Regardless of your choice or needs Luxury Pools have the capabilities you to complete your dream.

Design and concept
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SWimming pool LANDSCAPING 

Hard and Soft Poolscaping / Insured / Award winning / 24-years experience