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Residential resort pool and outdoor living - client gasps with excitement:

Highlight: 'As we play the 3D design fly through movie there is silence, other than a 'gasp' from our client followed by a 'wow'. The wife disappeared from the meeting for a moment and returns'. Read the details below:


Details: On arrival to our clients place, to deliver the design stage of the build, I prepare in my mind to talk through what the design team have created. As usual I'm nervious, this is our clients dream, our passion and their house.

The client has chosen over other companies for what we represent and there is an expectation, on ourselves, and from our clients, to deliver.

As I sit down and open the computer I explain to the client that anything can be changed but let us show you, then explain to you the elements, before any changes are considered.

As we play the 3D design fly through movie there is silence, other than 'gasp' from our client followed by a WOW. The wife disappeared for a moment and returns.

Later, after we had discussed the details, I ask our client what she thought, being mindful of their feelings on the project.

The client explains to me that she disappeared to call her friend to tell her how excited she is that she is getting her dream resort pool and couldnt be happier.

After 25-years, having successfully run business through the global financial crises, covid and some of the toughest times in building history, from La Nina rain, to materials cost increases, to resources shortages and more, we know the design is just the one step in many.

While our company has strong leadership and direction its always important to acknowledge it takes a 'village' of skilled people, all brought together in the right way, to attrack, concept, analyse, DA process, manage and build these dream environments.

Our next steps include the development applicant process and requirements, engineering, re- estimating for client approval & material choices and then of course the build.


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