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Managing a quality concrete pool and outdoor within a budget.

Updated: Mar 25, 2023 come in all forms. This Wamberal NSW Australia pool is a standard 7x3 Concrete pool and outdoor. Keeping a pool build beautiful, but simple, and within your budget just needs a little thought and love outside the norm.


Small but big impact changes mean build pool steps at around 150mm to 180mm high (old school standard builders do 300mm) making for a more comfortable transition inline with Australian building standards. This does not cost any extra and is standard with our builds.

Building with a standard 300mm down waterline tile band (industry standard 200mm does not cover skimmer boxes, many unprofessional builders do not even waterline tile) with #ezzari waterline tiles & #jewels4pools (a non abrasive product) has the added advantage of the first step being fully tiled and the rest being a smooth but safe transition. 300mm down is a standard inclusion with our builds.


Apply a internal walkway bench along the side or end of the pool. This will allow you to sit and enjoy every part of your pool. Set at around 450mm deep (design dependant) so you can enjoy the water without having to stand up.

Another key feature where are, and have, changed the industry include making the deep end the middle with a shallow at each end. This allows people to stand at each end, throw a ball or play from either end of the pool. There is no cost to do this as another standard inclusion.


Simply style it. By adding some key simple features like a tiled internal hangout area, glass fencing, plants, towels hangers and pool furniture you can help soften hard spaces. You can add many of these items later after you recover from your initial investment.


Budget setting: Be aware of the actual cost of building, so you can have a realistic budget, while making sure your builder has passion and is not just trying to sign you on the dotted line.

Most, many, pool building companies are simply sales oriented trying to get your signature now, but will sting you later.

At we have learned to complete investigations of your property, engineering & design before committing to your final and near actual building cost. The price we put to you will have a high level of detail with many items, not included by others, such as soil disposal, piers, shoring, formwork, extra steel, electricals, sewer, walkways, fencing, tile supply, insurances, DA or CDC process compliance & advice, and more. Yes you might see that as a higher price, but like for like, line item by line item are actually usually cheaper than others (we have our own machines, staff and otherwise control our supply chain).

But yes investigation costs money (that would be used during the build needs anyway) but will make you aware of your real budget needs. Go to the build with your eyes open.


Over all remember a pool is a investment into your life. advises that #pool is the #1 search term in 2021. This is your home, your family will spend half your life out here, ask your friends about the "best baby sitter ever" being your pool. Give it the care and love it deserves, don't just go with the cheapest quote, ask a reputable fully licensed builder to give your the real cost of building and understand what your real cost of building is before you start.


Article information provided by Jason Diamond master and fully licensed builder/director, and is the express opinion and experience of that individual. Luxury Pools Australia, and Jason Diamond, newsletter and articles do not fit all customers, with individual property or person/s having specific needs, therefore each individual should seek independent advice when considering their choices.

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