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Luxury Pool residential resort style pool, with something for everyone.

Luxury Pool fully customised pool and outdoor living with waterslide, waterfalls, spa, island style pool and everything you could want. Mum and dad cabana separated from the kids cabana with amazing curved bridge, balance tanks and so much more.

First iteration: The client came to with the idea of a American style grotto pool. We consider their needs and wants, discussed usage and what they really wanted. With consideration and thought we asked the client to give us the opportunity present an idea that, while considerate of their initial thought, was less "rocky", less American.

Consideration for our design submission included how to take what the client wanted, alter it to a more modern blend between Australian contemporary styling against the backdrop of American traditional rock grotto pools.

During the process planned out the ideas we wanted, we looked through through the client "inspiration" image's, considered the topography (contour survey) challenges, ground conditions and many more aspects before considering the structural & layout design approach we wanted to take.

When ready, working with our design team, our first iteration produced a successful overall shape. While the client approved the design for DA and estimation we wanted to add value beyond that structure and first iteration.

First iteration:


Upgraded design onward and upwards: I personal had felt a deep connection between the clients inner dream and the missing link of style and features that would be the end result, so with the clients blessing we set about adding some additional personality.

Clients often hear me talk about the "male to female" (or the Ying to the Yang) affect. That is where the overall idea of "structure" (Ying) is there but needs the "feminine" (Yang) touch to provide the human, soft and beautification needs to the project., through our design team, made sweeping changes to overall look, feel and flow of the existing design, without impacting the original structure that was in council for approval. Some alterations including a separate kids and adult cabana, curves to the balance tank bridge & pool cabanas along with a over better walk around flow of the property.

Overall the soft landscaping was redesigned to a preferred "Australiana" planting program, which has delivered a softer and more fleshed out, more modern contemporary look, that help convert the design towards the overall plan. We feel this truly helped represent the Australian modern version of the old traditional (and to heavy) American rock grotto pool.

Upgraded design:


Changes along the way: No design is perfect, and as go through the building process, we do work with the clients to make adjustments, if that does not affect approvals, council and buildings process in place.

The entry way, not included in the initial design brief, was requested, during the build, to be upgraded. See below the entry way from the house to the pool after the client considered that it would have been a major weakness to the quality of the build finish overall if not joined in.

Upgraded entry design:

The original internal cabana was a more simplified and we added some custom permanent seating along with internal sink area. For the wall seating we designed internal storage, with marine grade custom made cushions to shape while using #millboard facete to match the wood look of the roof.

The sink was designed as a custom form polished concrete sink, with room to apply a bar fridge and cupboard on the other side. The introduction of copper tapware suited the black, brown, cream and green colour tones used throughout the property.

Along the way we have also been working with our vendors, including #wideline (windows and doors) to change our custom made toilet door appointments to brass appointments all over, again to blend into the colour scheme used.

Cabana original design:

Upgraded design: with customised wall seating and sink, fridge, cupboard area.


WOW concrete pool and outdoor living in 3D: Below we have a range of 3D images as part of the overall design delivery to the client, this allows our customer to make realistic decisions on what they want and do not want. During the build clients see these 3D images come to life and , as part of my role within the business, this is the most exciting part.

Paths and soft landscaping: In this case onsite, we have changed many of the pathways to hard structures, at the client request, for weather and practical use reasons. The installation of Australiana plants that are low maintenance, hardy and extremely beautiful help to meet our goals of softening all the hard spaces to produce a successful overall balance of use, function and style.

WOW concrete pool and outdoor living: Over the years @luxurypoolsandoutdoorliving - have spent a great deal effort on developing our own quality management systems, licenses and increasing insurances. In addition we have been focusing on training (apprentices) and developing a professional workforce (qualified trades) that can build these type of quality outcomes.

Today we have evolved to design, manage and build work of this caliber on a regular bases. While we continue to delivery every day builds for clients have numerous large customised pool and outdoor living projects underway, all with different needs and wishes from clients, which we look forward to presenting over time.


Article information provided by Jason Diamond master and fully licensed builder/director, and is the express opinion and experience of that individual. Luxury Pools Australia, and Jason Diamond, newsletter and articles do not fit all customers, with individual property or person/s having specific needs, therefore each individual should seek independent advice when considering their choices.


Luxury Pools & Outdoor Living: Design / Build / Landscape / Certify at @luxurypoolsandoutdoorliving

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