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How to increase usable land space with a pool and outdoor area.

A concrete pool has many advantages including as a retaining wall structure. Using that to your advantage could mean turning otherwise unusesable land areas into productive entertainment areas of your home, as we did with this Erina Heights home.

Often a pool builder will tell you to build where its quickest, what's easiest for them, using up your valuable flat ground. A cookie cutters approach is to get in and out, making the quick dollar for them but leaving you feeling squashed with no space.

Working with someone that cares is a major requirement. Avoiding sales only people who work on commissions is a great start. Second working with a builder/designer (make sure they are licensed & have building qualifications) means they can work through the build challenges and options available.

Often there are topography challenges, where the ground falls, rises, is rocky, high or low, covered in shrubs & trees, on sand or potential land slip areas or all the above. This is how you purchased your property but its our job to visualise how to turn these negatives into positives for financial or personal life value.

Previous owners may not have taken the time, or made the investment, but with care and passion from your landscape design & build team (like you can turn that unusable space into pool use area while bracing and connecting new entertainment areas off those structures. This means you have added a great deal of value to the resell value of your home as previously uncounted m2 use become counted in your floor space usable hard space areas.

Regardless of if you are or not focussed on financial value or gain you will have additional flat space obtained. The recent years events have seen many people focussed on lifestyle living homes, so adding m2 use is a very large part of "personal and family value achieved".


Article information provided by Jason Diamond master and fully licensed builder/director, and is the express opinion and experience of that individual. Luxury Pools Australia, and Jason Diamond, newsletter and articles do not fit all customers, with individual property or person/s having specific needs, therefore each individual should seek independent advice when considering their choices.


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