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Cute concrete pool, suits empty nesters.

Pearl beach concrete pool and outdoor area. Transformed from a basic area to a small but beautiful entertainment area property. designed, managed the council approval process, built and provided final occupation certification management.

The beach/bush themed pool & entertainment area included tea tree fencing with two custom pool safety gates, latches and quality polaris self closing hinges installed to ASi1926 pool safety standards with certificates and warranty. Tight access using our 1.7tone excavator was no issue while digging in the soft sands of Pearl Beach meant shoring formed part of our costing process to the client.

For aesthetic reason raised the pool design around 600mm to act as a show wall. To enhance the show wall concrete pool design we included our 200mm, non walkable edge then applying the waterline tile up and over using #vidrepur tiles selected by the client. The outside wall of the pool is rendered to provide a seamless and clean look. This simply but stylish design is an small but impacting pool within a budget.


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